It's all about the "Write" Edge!

The right college essay can give you, your child, or your student the "write" edge in the competitive world of college applications. Depending on the content and delivery of your essay, you can set yourself apart from other applicants in a style that is all your own.

What makes a college essay the right essay? 

Simply put, YOU. The college essay is often your one and only chance to put pen to paper (or mouse to keyboard!) and tell colleges what is unique about you. With the thousands of applications universities receive each year, the opportunity to stand out is an opportunity you cannot and should not miss.

How can The College Essay Editor help?

Whether you need assistance developing a concept for your undergraduate or graduate college application essay or executing it in a "voice" that is all your own, help is just an email or phone call away.

Distinguish your personality and qualifications from thousands of other applicants!

Depending on the service(s) you select, The College Essay Editor will help you brainstorm ideas for your admissions essay, make recommendations on your composition's content and style, and review and revise grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

From concept to completion or everything in between, it is a win-win opportunity to perfect an important piece of your application package and realize your college dream! 

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